Greatest Canadian speech

  1. The greatest Canadian is Chris Hadfield.
  2. He is the greatest Canadian because he is the first ever Canadian to ever walk on space he installed the Canadarm2 at space and lastly he had a pilot scholarship at 15.
  3. My speech went great because i was able to speak very clearly without stuttering. Another reason why i did good is that i provided great facts to help opinion. Lastly i was able to speak with confidence.
  4. 1. Look up more, 2. Try to show why he is the greatest Canadian by showing confidence, 3. Be a little bit louder, 4. Have good flow, 5. Have good facts.
  5. The second greatest Canadian is Terry Fox because he is the one who did the marathon of hope so he raise money for cancer research and the impact he did for Canada is still going on.

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