1. 4k TV infomercial

2. Dominic, Ian, Anne and Macoy where in my group. Ian Dominic Anne and I did recording and Ian and Dom and i where in the film. Ian and Dom did the editing.

3.Our film is about a 4k TV and it has bundles like such as a phone with a tv and a video game console and the TV. and we try to convince people that this tv is better and cheaper than mos TV’s .

4. I think Our film was good but it can be improved. I think its good because it had a ton of information about the TV and that i think it is worth the price than other tv’s.

5. I think it can be a little bit more informative and  to show more about the tv to tell them you are getting a bang for your buck.

6. I would give it a grade of 5 MYP scale at most because it has funny parts and informative parts in the film and convincing parts to. especially the last part which i thought was funny.

7. I think phones completely change society.  the things phones can do are play video games. calling built in internet and photos video calls checking your health notes and the weather etc. that is a lot for phones these days but do you know whats more exciting is that you can do so much more phones have plenty of potential and i’m excited to see what phones of the future have in store for us.


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