Transformative Technology Infomercial

  1. Our movie title is “Fantastic Fones” (yes we can spell phones)
  2. Chelsea, Leona, Alena, James, and I were in this group. I wrote the original storyboard with the help of Leona and Chelsea, but we were not able to use it because I got sick and had it with me. Chelsea was one of the people who hated their phones. James and Alena were background characters. Leona was the spokes-person and main editor.
  3. The setting was meant to be like there was a live studio audience, the plot was trying to get Chelsea (she hated her phone at the time) a good phone.
  4. Not sure, I haven’t seen it. Chelsea says it’s good.
  5. I wouldn’t get sick.
  6. 5/6
  7.  I would probably have to say books. I’m not entirely sure that they count but they can hold so much information. They can be used for entertainment, school, work, and more. Books are versatile and easy to look after, and unlike online files are practically impossible to corrupt.

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