Greatest Canadian Speech

  1. Howie Mandel
  2. He is Canadian, he is an open person, he is cool I guess.
  3. My speech went pretty good! I did it without a script which could either show preparation or disorganization, up to you. My facts weren’t super boring. It wasn’t super rushed I guess
  4. Don’t second guess yourself. If you mess up don’t freak out, no one knows but you. Keep it interesting. Try not to speak super -m o n o t o n e-. Everyone is too busy worrying about their speech to judge yours.
  5. Nelly Furtado, she seemed to have a really big impact on the music industry and is just really cool overall.

Transformative Technology Infomercial

  1. Our movie title is “Fantastic Fones” (yes we can spell phones)
  2. Chelsea, Leona, Alena, James, and I were in this group. I wrote the original storyboard with the help of Leona and Chelsea, but we were not able to use it because I got sick and had it with me. Chelsea was one of the people who hated their phones. James and Alena were background characters. Leona was the spokes-person and main editor.
  3. The setting was meant to be like there was a live studio audience, the plot was trying to get Chelsea (she hated her phone at the time) a good phone.
  4. Not sure, I haven’t seen it. Chelsea says it’s good.
  5. I wouldn’t get sick.
  6. 5/6
  7.  I would probably have to say books. I’m not entirely sure that they count but they can hold so much information. They can be used for entertainment, school, work, and more. Books are versatile and easy to look after, and unlike online files are practically impossible to corrupt.

10 things every Jh gr.8 students should know.

  1. Learn where the washrooms are, it’ll save you the time of searching during class.
  2. Don’t throw out your old work, you can use it to reference in other projects.
  3. No one cares about how you look, we are all in the same boat.
  4. Bring extra pencils and don’t expect to get them back.
  5. Don’t freak out if you can’t find your class, the teachers understand.
  6. Don’t stay up all night studying, sleep. You won’t retain the information if you cram it.
  7. You’re gonna lose friends and make new ones, it’s part of gr.8. Don’t get too hung up about it.
  8. School does not come before mental health. If you need a break because you’re overwhelmed, take it! You need to look after yourself.
  9. Do not procrastinate. It shows in the quality of your work, if you need more time ask for an extension. Cramming affects quality.
  10. Don’t get hung up relationships, focus on finding your friends and figuring yourself out. It’s only gr.8.

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