“Greatest Canadian Speech”

  1.  The Weekend is the greatest Canadian

2.   He is the Greatest  Canadian because he puts in a lot of effort to improve his                  songs.

3. My speech went well, because I put in a lot of information into my speech, I stood tall and made sure my paper was not all up in my face. And I spoke loud and clear.

4. My top 5 tips for myself and friends:                                                                                   – Stand tall make sure your paper is not in front of your face.                                             – Speak loud and clear so your peers are able to hear what you are saying                       – Look up off of your paper/cue cards. It makes it seem like you know more about             it.

– practice your speech                                                                                                         – Speed and rate because you don’t want to be too fast or too slow.


5. The second greatest Canadian is Terry Fox because, he ran across Canada to raise money for cancer research, schools around Canada do the Terry Fox Run.

Transformation Technology Infomercial

  1. Title: Luxurious Plane
  2. Justin, Nero, Eden, Mico and Amber. Justin and I did the voice over for the video, Eden and Nero were in charge of editing, Mico also helped with the voice over. Amber was added to the group but she helped plan the video.
  3. our infomercial was about an Airplane that your are to enjoy with friends and family it comes with 2 or 3 jet planes to protect you. If you wanted a luxurious flight then the airplane that we were doing an infomercial was the best airplane for you.
  4. our infomercial was good that i’m sure of because it included everything needed in the infomercial such as a phone number to call, lots of information about the airplane.
  5. Next time I would edit because it took a long time for them to get the video on to the laptop and start editing it because it took up a lot of time just trying to get the video on to the editing app and we did not end up finish editing the video.
  6. I would give our infomercial a 4 because we weren’t able to finish editing the video, but we had good information in our infomercial, plus our group went with comedy, so people were interested in watching and paying attention in the video.
  7.  I think the technology that changed our society is the wifi router because without wifi we wouldn’t be able to contact people or finish work, it will also be harder for you to do hw or projects. With the wifi router it allowed us to contact people online just don’t contact random people because you’ll never know what will happen. The wifi gives us News about the world and whats going on in this planet, it gave us new technology such as cars planes and so on.

Surrey Board Game Reflection

1. The people who were in my group were, Macoy, Alena and Thor.

2. Me and Macoy planned the game board, we also designed the game board. The 2 of us worked on questions, Alena helped us write questions down, but Thor didn’t participate much.

3. The oldest person gets to go 1st the 2nd person would go 2nd etc, It was basically a race to the finish line, to get there you had to answer questions so if you got the answer correct you’d have to move forward but if you got the answer incorrect you’d have to move 1 spot, on some of the spots there was a de-tour to a specific space like you’d have to go back 4 spots or 3 spots and so on, the last person to finish basically comes 3rd or 4th depending on how many players are playing.

4. I don’t think the game board was any good because 2 out of 4 people did most of the work and it was hard to finish in like 3 classes with only 2 students doing all of the work. If we had more times I feel like we would’ve gotten more time to add more details to our game board.

5. I would encourage them to do work because it was a group project, I would yell at them because it would really get on my nerves if they didn’t do anything.

6.  I think Justin and his group had the best game because it was creative, the questions were good and I enjoyed playing it. If you didn’t get the answer right you had to roll a dice and whatever it landed on thats how many spots you’d had to move.

7. I would give our board game a 5 because the questions were not as easy too answer,  and the creativity that was put in the board game was not as basic. The game pieces were a little simple because they were just coins.

8. 1. There are 6 indoor pools in Surrey.   2.There was 19 Elementary schools.   3. There are 20 high schools in surrey.  4. Surrey is one of the liveliest and fastest growing city in metro Vancouver.  5. The estimated population of Surrey is that 508,040 residents live in Surrey.


10 things every Johnston heights student needs to know

  1. don’t stand in the middle of the hallways, older students will get annoyed and tired of you getting in their way.
  2. don’t be late for Mr. Beaton’s class and take your headphones out or he will call you out.
  3. don’t worry about what other people think.
  4. choose your friends wisely.
  5. STAY organized, it will be harder for you to study if you are’nt organized
  6. DO NOT give your pencils away (you are only going to end up with one).
  7. get a lock for PE so you don’t get your things stolen.
  8. don’t do drugs, because I don’t think you want to get your locker checked.
  9. come to class prepared so you don’t have to keep going in and out of your class to go to your locker.
  10. don’t share secrets because you don’t want to loose any friends.

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