“Greatest Canadian Speech”

  1.  The Weekend is the greatest Canadian

2.   He is the Greatest  Canadian because he puts in a lot of effort to improve his                  songs.

3. My speech went well, because I put in a lot of information into my speech, I stood tall and made sure my paper was not all up in my face. And I spoke loud and clear.

4. My top 5 tips for myself and friends:                                                                                   – Stand tall make sure your paper is not in front of your face.                                             – Speak loud and clear so your peers are able to hear what you are saying                       – Look up off of your paper/cue cards. It makes it seem like you know more about             it.

– practice your speech                                                                                                         – Speed and rate because you don’t want to be too fast or too slow.


5. The second greatest Canadian is Terry Fox because, he ran across Canada to raise money for cancer research, schools around Canada do the Terry Fox Run.

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