Greatest Canadian Speech

I believe that Terry Fox is the greatest Canadian because he raised a lot of money for cancer patients, he left an impact on Canada, and he ran on a prosthetic leg through 6 provinces.

I think my speech went well because I didn’t have to look at my paper for the majority of my speech plus I made good eye contact, and it had good supporting facts.

My top 5 tips for myself or others for their speech are to watch your speed (don’t go too fast or too slow), make eye contact, look up from your paper often, practice your speech for 10 minutes a day, and finally, don’t stress out about your speech. No one else is listening clearly to your speech because everyone else is either freaking out about doing their speech, or freaking out because they think they just did a bad job during their speech.

The second greatest Canadian is Jim Carrey because he sacrificed his education for his family.

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