Greatest Canadian Speech

I believe that Terry Fox is the greatest Canadian because he raised a lot of money for cancer patients, he left an impact on Canada, and he ran on a prosthetic leg through 6 provinces.

I think my speech went well because I didn’t have to look at my paper for the majority of my speech plus I made good eye contact, and it had good supporting facts.

My top 5 tips for myself or others for their speech are to watch your speed (don’t go too fast or too slow), make eye contact, look up from your paper often, practice your speech for 10 minutes a day, and finally, don’t stress out about your speech. No one else is listening clearly to your speech because everyone else is either freaking out about doing their speech, or freaking out because they think they just did a bad job during their speech.

The second greatest Canadian is Jim Carrey because he sacrificed his education for his family.

Transformative Technology Infomercial

  1. Back to the Future
  2. Thor, Dominic and Ian were the actors and Anne filmed. I was absent the day we were supposed to film
  3.  We were advertising a flat screen TV
  4. I don’t know because I wasn’t there and we didn’t finish editing it.
  5. I would make sure that I could help my group more
  6. I think we deserve a 5 at the very most because our communication

Surrey Board Game Reflection

My group consisted of Princess, Alena, and Thor. In my group, Princess and I did most of the work. For our group, I put everything on the poster. Princess and I did most of the work, with occasional help from Alena. Princess drew all the pictures. Thor didn’t do anything. Also me and Princess planned out how everything was going to work. To play our game you need 2-6 players. There’s a pile of cards with questions that have the answers on the back. The youngest person picks up the first card and if they answer correctly, they move forward. Also, the back of the cards say how many spaces to move forward and back, There are special purple and pink pieces on the board game. If you land on them, you go back to the start. I think our game worked out well, but could’ve been better. The cards were plain white, but could’ve been colored to make the game look more appealing. In my opinion, the group with the best game was Justin’s group. Their game had a nice layout and a variety of questions. I think my groups game deserves a 5/6. Our group could improved on our communication skills because the only ones talking in our group were me and Princess. The questions were slightly challenging but could have been better. Five things I learned about Surrey from doing this project are that the population of Surrey is over 500,000 people, there are about 20 high schools in Surrey, The largest town in Surrey is Guildford, There are 6 indoor pools, and that there are six towns that make up Surrey.

10 Things Every Johnston Heights Grade 8 Should Know

1.)Don’t stand in the middle of the hallways because people find it very annoying when they have somewhere to go

2.)Follow the classroom rules because teachers have feelings too and feel disrespected

3.)Get a lock for gym because you don’t want anyone to steal your stuff. If you forget your lock, put your valuable items in your main locker

4.)Don’t leave homework until the last moment because you will get behind in your classes

5.)Don’t rely on other people. You should always bring your own supplies

6.)Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You always want to know what the teacher is talking about

7.)Don’t be easily influenced. It’s okay to try new things, but if you thinks it’s a bad idea, listen to your gut

8.)Choose your friends wisely. People will do things to impress other people and you might not want to be involved in that

9.)Join clubs and after school activities. You will meet new people and have more connections

10.)Don’t skip. You will fall behind

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