Greatest Canadian

1- Drake is Canada’s greatest Canadian.

2- He is the greatest Canadian because he climbed to the top by starting with nothing, teaches life lessons through music, and represents Toronto and Canada in general fabulously.

3-I think my speech went well because I think i spoke at a balanced level of speed and with good projection. I was only two lines short which I could’ve cut down ahead of time but i thought i did well and so did my mark ;).


  • i) Stand tall and be confident! If you’re not already, fake it until you make it. YOU control what people see of you.
  • ii) Hold your cue cards/speech lower than your face so youre not being muffled.
  • iiii) SMILE
  • ┬áiiiii) OWN IT! Its your speech. You worked hard on it so own it. No one will remember this anyway so just have fun with it and stop stressing out.

5- The second greatest Canadian is David Suzuki because I agree with what he said about how humanity is coming to an end and we’re just worrying about petty problems that could wait.

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