Transformative Technology Infomercial

1- Fantastic Fones *yes we know how to spell phones*

2- Savannah ~ created the story board. Chelsea ~ was present in two scenes.                   James ~ an extra in the second scene/ did nothing.  Alena~ an extra in the second scene/nothing. Leona ~ main ‘actor’

3- Well in the first scene, I ask Chelsea who is a customer if she likes her phone to which she responds no. So we set our scene and explain our deal on how we’re selling phones. We begin to explain how if one phone isn’t enough then we can sell two phones for the price of one. But if that isn’t enough for you then well you’re in luck because we’re selling a whole box of phones for only $19.95 and if you call now, you’ll get the box free or else you just never get the box.

4- I think it was because i think it could make people laugh a little bit and its informative. It was easy to follow and simple but wasn’t boring and mono toned.

5- Include an actual box of phones and maybe exaggerate it more by adding more expression and having Savannah James and Alena actually play a larger role in the video.

6- 5/6 because it wasn’t the best but it was pretty great. It was informative and relevant and something you’d never see on the tv now.

7- The wifi router because it opened up a whole new world and era of internet. You can now connect with so many people all around the world with a wifi router and device which is pretty cool but don’t talk to strangers kids. There’s a lot of catfishes out there.Thanks to the wifi router we have internet which connects us to the world wide web. With the connection to the world wide web you can do MANY things. I think its unlimited to be honest. You can go on youtube, google, safari and etc. You can upload videos and photos of yourself but careful because theyre gonna be there forever and you cant EVER take it back.

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