Greatest Canadian

1- Drake is Canada’s greatest Canadian.

2- He is the greatest Canadian because he climbed to the top by starting with nothing, teaches life lessons through music, and represents Toronto and Canada in general fabulously.

3-I think my speech went well because I think i spoke at a balanced level of speed and with good projection. I was only two lines short which I could’ve cut down ahead of time but i thought i did well and so did my mark ;).


  • i) Stand tall and be confident! If you’re not already, fake it until you make it. YOU control what people see of you.
  • ii) Hold your cue cards/speech lower than your face so youre not being muffled.
  • iiii) SMILE
  •  iiiii) OWN IT! Its your speech. You worked hard on it so own it. No one will remember this anyway so just have fun with it and stop stressing out.

5- The second greatest Canadian is David Suzuki because I agree with what he said about how humanity is coming to an end and we’re just worrying about petty problems that could wait.

Transformative Technology Infomercial

1- Fantastic Fones *yes we know how to spell phones*

2- Savannah ~ created the story board. Chelsea ~ was present in two scenes.                   James ~ an extra in the second scene/ did nothing.  Alena~ an extra in the second scene/nothing. Leona ~ main ‘actor’

3- Well in the first scene, I ask Chelsea who is a customer if she likes her phone to which she responds no. So we set our scene and explain our deal on how we’re selling phones. We begin to explain how if one phone isn’t enough then we can sell two phones for the price of one. But if that isn’t enough for you then well you’re in luck because we’re selling a whole box of phones for only $19.95 and if you call now, you’ll get the box free or else you just never get the box.

4- I think it was because i think it could make people laugh a little bit and its informative. It was easy to follow and simple but wasn’t boring and mono toned.

5- Include an actual box of phones and maybe exaggerate it more by adding more expression and having Savannah James and Alena actually play a larger role in the video.

6- 5/6 because it wasn’t the best but it was pretty great. It was informative and relevant and something you’d never see on the tv now.

7- The wifi router because it opened up a whole new world and era of internet. You can now connect with so many people all around the world with a wifi router and device which is pretty cool but don’t talk to strangers kids. There’s a lot of catfishes out there.Thanks to the wifi router we have internet which connects us to the world wide web. With the connection to the world wide web you can do MANY things. I think its unlimited to be honest. You can go on youtube, google, safari and etc. You can upload videos and photos of yourself but careful because theyre gonna be there forever and you cant EVER take it back.

Surrey Board Game Reflection

  1. Kai, Mico, and Chelsea were in my group for this project
  2. We each did 15+ questions. Mico and Kai researched answers while Chelsea and I designed the game board. Kai also made the origami game pieces.
  3. There are 5 game pieces. Each player takes a piece and uses it as their character. We all start on the card that says ‘start’. The first person who goes, picks up a lilac card and reads it aloud. They answer the question. The other game members cannot give hints or tell them the answer. If they are confident with their answer, they can flip the card over and see whether they were correct or not. At the bottom right corner on the front of the card, there is a number that tells you how many spaces forward you move if answered correctly. If answered incorrectly, The number on the bottom left corner of the front of the card, will tell you how many spaces back you move unless you are at the start which in that case, you just stay where you are. Then the next person repeats the steps and so on. The first person to the ‘end’ card wins!
  4. I believe that it was a good game. My group and I worked hard on it and I’m proud of the finished product. I do believe that we could’ve had more questions and a better designed board but other than that yes I do believe it was good.
  5. If we were to do this project all over again, I would change the work load that each person got because i felt as if Chelsea and I did more work than the boys because most of the time they were just sitting around.
  6. Gurjap’s group had (in my opinion) the best game because it wasnt boring and it was well put together. They had a variety of questions and a well designed board although I do think they could’ve used more colour.
  7. I would give my game a level 5/6 because it wasnt the best game but I do think that we followed the criteria and worked together. It also took a while to win the game.
  8. I learned that Guilford Town Centre is the largest shopping centre in Surrey, there are over 500,000 people living in Surrey, transit was made so that we could get easy access to Vancouver. I also learned that the Semiahmoo tribe was the first tribe in Surrey and they hunted and fished for food. The last thing I learned was that Surrey is 300+ km2.

10 things every johnston heights student needs to know

1- Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway because everyone will bump into you and will hate on you for doing so. Just move to the side/ out of the way.

2-  Don’t be late to Mr.Beaton’s class and take your headphones out or else he will call you out. It’s a sign of disrespect.

3- Come prepared to class or else you’ll get detention (certain teachers) and the teachers will get mad at you.

4- Don’t worry about what other people think because at the end of the day you only have yourself and haters just want to tear you down.

5- Don’t be a snake because you’ll lose all your friends and no one likes a snake.

6- Stay organized or else you’ll lose your assignments and the teachers will get mad at you. Plus, you’ll be more stressed out.

7- Don’t be a bully because high school is about finding out who you are and if who you are is tearing other people down than that’s really shallow. Plus, no one likes a bully !!

8- Get your work done on time or else you’ll get detention or a lower mark than you could’ve gotten if you actually handed it in on time. (teachers like students who get their work done!!!)

9- Don’t do something you will regret because what you do in these next 5 years will affect your future.

10- If anyone is in danger tell a teacher/counselor because someone’s life is at stake.

ps. don’t do drugs. They’ll ruin you.

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