Greatest Canadian Speech

I think David Suzuki is the greatest Canadian because he did many things to help humanity to coexist with nature, he also got many awards from talking about the importance of nature and he also ran many shows that talked about nature and renewable energy.

My speech went well in my opinion because I am pleased with my mark, I said all of the information about David Suzuki and I think I constructed my speech to the best of my ability with the one minute thirty second limit.

Tip 1: Practice the speech a lot, to the point that you can probably memorize the speech.

Tip 2: Practicing pacing, time yourself and see if you talking too fast or too slow or maybe it’s the amount of information in the speech.

Tip 3: Know what your volume is at, is it too loud too quiet or just right. adjust as needed and be consistent.

Tip 4: Practice in front of one or two people, this will get you used to talking n front of people.

Tip 5: Get enough information, this will make your speech longer and more interesting so people will actually pay attention.

The second greatest Canadian in my opinion is Drake, Drake is considered by many people the person that put Canada on the map, his songs are mostly all good and he has been consistent since when he first started.

10 things every Grade 8 needs to know

  1. Don’t be late for your classes.

Don’t be late for your classes so that you don’t intrude on the lesson and ruin or slow the lesson down for your peers.

2. Try in your classes.

You need to try in your classes so you don’t fail your classes and redo the class again unless you want to go to summer school.

3. Show up to your classes.

You need to show up to class to learn and not be behind on your classes and get homework.

4. Get missed homework from your peers.

Get any missed schoolwork from your peers because the teachers expect you to get missed schoolwork on your own.

5. Get your homework done.

Homework is very good practice for any test you might have coming up or just good practice for life in general.

6. Memorize where you classes are.

This is will make transitioning from class to class a lot smoother.

7. Remember the class schedule.

This is so you don’t have to look at your schedule every 5 minutes.

8. Know the days you elective classes are on.

This is so you don’t go to your English class when you have a design class.

9. Know what block your classes are on.

This is another efficient way to not have to look at your schedule every 5 minutes.

10. Remember where the washrooms are at.

Just in case there is an “emergency” you don’t  have run around the school looking for a bathroom to go to.


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