Greatest Canadian Speech

The person that i think is the greatest Canadian is Ryan Reynolds.

Why? Well because he did a variety of Big Hollywood Movies, he bears the Canadian attribute of politeness and lastly, he did a heartwarming commercial for Air Canada.

My speech was pretty good because of the Eh joke at the beginning, good facts and good volume.

Some tips i would give people for public speaking would be to keep the flow good, look at the audience often, keep the volume at a level where everyone can hear, try to memorize the speech so you don’t have to look at your paper very much and finally, practice your speech so you don’t stutter on some words.

The second greatest Canadian i would pick would be Jim Carrey because of his sense of humor.

Technology Infomercial

Back To The Future

In my group, there was Anne, who did the filming. Dom, who was kind of the star of the Infomercial. Thor, who did a voice over in the Infomercial. Macoy didn’t do anything because she wasn’t here.

In our Infomercial, Bob Roberts (Doms character) introduces a new awesome product, which was named,” 4K Graphics, 60 FPS, Flat Screen TV, Or The Rift”

Next time, i think i would like to do an infomercial about the internet. We could introduce it like it’s brand new and also name everything great about it.

The mark i would give it would be a 6 because of the extraordinary acting Dom did. Also because of the awesome camera work by Anne.

I think The Internet changed society the most because of it allowing us to research stuff and talk via chat rooms and email. The instruction video was trash though, it was literally one of the cringiest videos i have ever seen. It was because of the bad acting. But besides that, the internet is still one of the greatest inventions ever.

Board Game Project REVIEW (2018)

1.In our group, we had Anne, Erin and James. All of which worked well.

2. For the board game,  everyone did at least 25% of the work. Anne did questions about key services, James did History and education questions, Erin worked out the game board and I did famous people, bonus questions and provided assistance for everyone.

3. Our board game is a twist on Jeopardy and pretty much works the same. Each player picks a topic and a cash question and tries to answer the question correctly. On the back of the game board, we had bonus questions for people who want to earn a little more money.

4. I would say that our board game worked out pretty good. I think it worked well because of the balance of hard and easy questions and not having all of them be hard.

5. Next time, i think it would be great to have a Cards Against Humanity type of spin. We could have something like, ” The best place to have fun in Surrey is..”. So yeah, I think that would’ve been fun.

6. In my opinion, the board game that i had the most fun in was, ” Surrey Monopoly” I like the little game pieces and how the questions were balanced. One thing i would recommend to them would be to add real properties from Surrey to buy.

7. I think our board game would get a Level 5. The game could’ve gotten a face lift by having paper money to earn. Everyone had to keep track of their wealth in their head.

8. While playing everyone’s games, I learned of how many Starbucks are in the city, how many schools in the area, what was the largest building in the city, popular streets and the best places for entertainment.


Top 10 Things Grade 8 JHSS Students NEED To Know On Their First Day

  1. You’re going to need pencils and lots of them dude! Because a bunch of people always lose their pencils on the first week. So get over to the dollar store and buy some of those 3$ pencils
  2. Washrooms are always a big thing. Everyone needs a place to do their business. if you don’t now where, how about asking the office.
  3. Picking your friends is a huge thing. Don’t want them giving you some of that “Stuff”. That being said, pick friends that aren’t a big trouble
  4. Knowing where your classes are located is important knowledge. Why? Because imagine being left out in a deserted hallway looking all over and saying these words, ” WHERE’S MY CLAAAAASSSSS”
  5. Don’t be a bully. Its always a huge thing to treat other people the way you want to be treated.
  6. Here is another supply rule, lots and lots of paper. Not having paper is a problem when you have to write something down. So, get to the nearest staples and buy a stack of lined paper.
  7. Knowing the block orders are important for knowing where your classes are. So get yourself a JHSS calendar and all of them block orders would be there.
  8. When it comes time for lunch, the cafeteria is always the best choice for some cheap grub. The prices for the food are always $6. And their also pretty good
  9. Knowing how to open your locker is kind of tough for newcomers. the locks over here are standard combination locks so you’ll be able you just search up how to open a lock like that.
  10. And Finally, The grand rule is Do, Your, Homework. Some of You already know that though

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