Technology Infomercial

Back To The Future

In my group, there was Anne, who did the filming. Dom, who was kind of the star of the Infomercial. Thor, who did a voice over in the Infomercial. Macoy didn’t do anything because she wasn’t here.

In our Infomercial, Bob Roberts (Doms character) introduces a new awesome product, which was named,” 4K Graphics, 60 FPS, Flat Screen TV, Or The Rift”

Next time, i think i would like to do an infomercial about the internet. We could introduce it like it’s brand new and also name everything great about it.

The mark i would give it would be a 6 because of the extraordinary acting Dom did. Also because of the awesome camera work by Anne.

I think The Internet changed society the most because of it allowing us to research stuff and talk via chat rooms and email. The instruction video was trash though, it was literally one of the cringiest videos i have ever seen. It was because of the bad acting. But besides that, the internet is still one of the greatest inventions ever.

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