Greatest Canadian Speech

  1. Canada’s greatest Canadian is Sir John Alexander MacDonald
  2. He won 6 majority governments for the Conservative Party and built the Canadian economy through a series of policies called the National Policy. John A. MacDonald was the first Canadian Prime Minister of the Canadian confederation which founded the Dominion of Canada. He was great at making the necessary deals that were required to bring the colonies together.
    He also extended the country across the continent through the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Without the CPR, Canada would have become only a rump of the country it is today because the railway was one mode of transportation which linked Western and Eastern Canada. It is very likely Western Canada would have been just swallowed by the United States. In this sense MacDonald was not only responsible for creating Canada, he was also responsible for making it the country it is today.
  3. My speech went okay because I added many details that weren’t related to the topic of why he was the greatest Canadian and I would usually make a mistake on what I was going to say. I think I might’ve lost the attention of the audience, but I did make eye contact and try to engage the audience, plus my speech was well structured and made sense of what I was trying to say as well.
  4. Focus on the Main Message, Build Three Supporting Points,                                    Be a Tactful Speaker, remember that a listener usually only has one chance to understand what you are saying. So you must do everything you can to make it easy for them to follow your ideas, and The most important parts of a speech are the beginning and the end. Think about a strong first sentence that will capture the attention of the listener. Be calm and confident; give the impression that you are well-prepared and have something interesting to say. End with a strong sentence: make people laugh or give them something interesting to think about.

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