17 Jun 2015, 1:54am
Grade 9 Socials studies

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Explorin learning commons

This year was like amazing, thank you everyoneIMG_0245

28 May 2015, 10:05pm
Food lab Grade 9

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Here’s what I made in foods 9…

image image


The dish contains some vegetable (onions, carrots, and white broccoli), baked white fish with bread crumbs, and mini punched potatoes.

Recipe 4 a Rvolution

Recipe 4 Revolution

10cups of angry people.
9cups of people who wants change.
7cups of money issue.
4cups of bad leader.
1cup of religious issue.

Step 1. Bad leader

-Charles 1 believed in the divine rights of king, he truly believed that the king had to answer to no one but God.
-He used the court of star chamber against those who Opposed him.

-Louis XIV saw him self as the centre of french life.
-Louis XVI was not prepared as a king and did not interested in ruling.

-George III was a British king, who couldn’t deal effectively with 13 colonies.
-He had high tax, and did not listen to American colonies.

Step 2. Money issue

-When the monarch couldn’t raise money he made new high tax illegal.
-Collected high tax in order to go to expensive war such as 30years war.

-Spends huge amount of money on goods, and expensive stuff.
-He collected most of tax from third estate.

-13 colonies works hard but had to give up a lot of money to pat high tax.

Step 3. Religious issue

-Forced religious reforms.
-Charles allowed one of his favourites to introduce new religious practices that offended
-Angered the puritans.

Philosophers challenging the monarch and church.
-Church preventing change because worried about to loss power.

Step 4. Angry people

-In order to raise money, Charles had to raise taxes. But parliament would not let him and therefore used forced loans, fines and ship money.

-Kings struggling for the power, and wants money but does not want to change.
– Industrial revolution causing unemployment.
Nobility unwilling to change.

– George III made a line that stops 13 colonies to expending to west. Which it is the first step of America revolution (royal proclamation).

Step 5. Who wants the change?

Rump parliament, and Oliver Cromwell.
Round head supported for the change.

-Most of the French population wanted to be change
-Third estate the National Assembly.

-13 colonies and the blue coats.

Last step. Win for the change!!!!!!!

– Oliver Cromwell became dictator after the revolution. He defeated many and dissolved the rump parliament. He is military dictatorship was very un-popular.

– Women marched to the Versailles.

– George Washington became leader for the American Revolution.

23 Jan 2015, 1:32am
Socials studies

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Rights ballon game

1. Right to change government (least important)

2. Right to equal rights of all people

3. Right to limit the power of king

4. Right to fair trail

5. Right to speech

6. Right to own private property

7. Right to fair taxation

8. Right to writ you wish (most important)


I think right to change government is least important. Because, it is not easy to change the people who we want. And what if they are not the one who we wanted?            Now what?

And I chose right to write what you wish as a most important  because, back in the days like 1789~1792, the electronic device doesn’t exist! Than how did people spread       News and the truths? If I don’t have power to write




10 Jan 2015, 3:01am

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A day in a life 18th France

It is a great day to go out to check out my potatos!

As it known I’m from the royal family of France,

I’m the one of favours of Marie Antoinette.

And finally today is the my first day of visiting Versailles!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited for today’s trip haha hope I could visit next time again.

I wasn’t sure what would she like so I just bought lots of new spices

from China and fancy dresses from Italy.

28 Nov 2014, 12:59am
Social studies

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17th century “a day in the life of….”

On November 20th my group (Grace, Mach, Ivy, Zafeer) worked on the skit called a day in the life of 17th century. There was 3 different type of classes. The higher, middle, and lower. There is a link below, please leave some feedback. Thank you :)))  trim.4EB440DE-6E60-4EFB-B4D3-4B5E39B28ED2

2 Jun 2014, 8:49pm
Grade 8 show case


My passion project.

On May 31st my group had present our passion project, about how to bake cupcake/ how to bake best cupcake. In my group,  there was me, Simran, and Sophia. I learned how to bake and creative design. And if I could gets to do this same passion project next time, I would do different serve people 1 full cupcake.image

3 Apr 2014, 2:10am

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My science experience







In my science experiment I’ve learned  the difference of mass between egg with vinegar, egg with water, and egg with vinegar and water. And I could do this same experiment next time  than I would try to use apple. And in this experiment I worked with Gerard.



3 Apr 2014, 2:04am
Food lab

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My cinnamon twist

image image.


In food lab, I made this nice cinnamon twist with Rammel.

And next time if I would try to put less flour and make it bigger.

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