Transformative Technology Infomercial


The people in my group was Gurjap, Alejandra, Kai, Isiah, and myself. Gurjap, Ale and I did the directing and filming but I didn’t do any of the acting. Kai let us use his phone for the commercial and Isiah did nothing. Gurjap was the main character who tried to sell the phone and Alejandra was the side character. Ale and I was also the camera people. I did most of the directing and filming but we all worked together on everything.

Our infomercial was about advertising our product the SmartFone™ and Gurjap is trying his best to sell our product to the viewer. Gurjap is talking about the features on the phone and trying his very best to sell the phone. Our infomercial was set in the computer room, in the hallway and outside. At the end we have customer review where Ale and Gurjap tell us about what they feel about the product.

I think the infomercial was good but could be better. Our infomercial was really fun to make and it was quite funny but it seemed to rushed and all over the place. We just had a whole bunch of clips put together in a messy order.

I think if we didn’t rush filming it and planned it out it would turn out more organized and not all over the place. I think we shouldn’t have spent too much time trying to figure out what to do since we didn’t really stick to the story board.

If I could give my group a grade I would give it a 5 since it wasn’t that bad given the time we had. We tried to make it as funny as we can and it was pretty funny. It was very messy and kind of organized because we were rushing to get it finished.

The technology that changed society was the wheel. The wheel is used in everyday technology like cars. It helps make things mobile and it also helped in the making of the pulley. The wheel is super important because without it we wouldn’t have an efficient way of traveling everywhere. The wheel was used in so many important inventions that without the wheel inventions won’t be as efficient as what we have today.

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