Grade 8 Showcase

The Showcase page is a space where you display your most evident learning. You will include at least one piece of evidence for each question. Each item should be reflected on and explained; consider why you chose to showcase it. This is a chance for you to take ownership of your learning. Here are some questions to guide you:

1. Describe a learning experience this year that was the most successful for you. (explain with examples)

2. What are some of your strengths in learning? (explain with examples)

3. What are some of your stuggles in learning? (explain with examples)

4. Explain how your experiences in elective courses have helped or complemented your learning in your academic courses.

6. What was your most creative accomplishment this year? (explain with examples)

7. Taking into account the different courses that you have taken this year, explain and share how your learning has been connected. Provide an example of a project, lesson or unit where skills or content were used from different learning experiences (courses, clubs, extra curricular, teams)

8. What are your academic goals for next year? (Be thoughtful; focus on something that is meaningful to you)

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