1 Our title is ‘Fantastic Fones’

2 Savannah James,Leona,Alena and my self Savannah wrote the storyboard and everyone approved of it and used it but since she was sick for most of the project we had to cut some things out. Leona played as the spokesperson in the video as well as edited it. I played as the as the person who didn’t  like their phone and was rather aggressive about it. Alena  was the background character and also brought forth ideas to the project. James was also a background character.

3 The setting was a live audience and being targeted to young teens. the plot was me being very upset with my phone and being sold a new one.

4 I think it was pretty good we all put in effort and tried our best to make it entertaining. We all brought in our own creative thoughts in to this movie

5 Have Savannah in the movie with all of her phones. I would also have Alena and James more involved by talking about phones.

6 I would give it a 5 because Savannah wasn’t it there and she would greatly improve it.

7 I think the wheel cause it really got everything moving.