ten things you will need when coming to this school

1: At least 40 pencils because you will lose them very quickly.

2: Loud alarm for getting used to waking up earlier.

3: 4 binders to store and organize your paper and work.

4: A large and comfortable backpack since you will be walking around a lot and will have lots of work to carry.

5: 200 sheets of paper because it will run out very quickly.

6: A calendar for keeping track of your new schedule and events.

7: Don’t stress to much of what people will think of you because you will forget about them the second you walk out the door.

8: People will change when you come here and they will change a lot more then expect

9: The teachers will understand if your late at the beginning of the year but don’t make it a habit.

10: Keep track of your homework and schedule for you to do it so you don’t get overwhelmed.