Greatest Canadian Speech

Canada’s Greatest Canadian is Jim Carrey. I believe Jim Carrey is the greatest Canadian because of his generosity, his genuine love for comedy and his family. He willingly dropped out of high school for his family because of a financial crisis and he then had comedy acts and later became famous because of it.

I think my speech went ‘okay’ because I supported my facts well, my voice had a good volume, and the tempo of my speech was understandable. Although 5 tips my peers gave me were to make more eye contact with the audience, to “stop and smell the roses” meaning to stop when there is a period or a comma, memorizing the speech, stand with confidence and don’t fiddle and to practice my speech with peers so gain confidence.

I believe the second greatest Canadian is Drake because he genuinely cares about his fans from his music industry and he has given over 1 million dollars to people in need.

Transformation Technology Infomercial

Movie Title: Back to the Future

The members of our group were: Ian, Dominic, Macoy, and Thor. Ian and Dominic plotted the whole commercial and were also the actors with Thor, while I was the cameraman, Macoy on the other hand was absent.

We advertised a flat screen TV and also explained the technology of the TV, with the host being Bob Roberts. We also gave an additional Xbox 1 and a game called “Fortnite” if they bought the flat screen TV within the hour.

If we were to do anything differently I think we would have either change what we were advertising about or changed how we advertised it. I believe we could have done better if we had more time to plan it all out and use more detail rather than just seeing the bigger picture.

I personally think that we deserve a 5 at the very most. I think we did a decent job but not good enough that it deserves all the credit, honestly I think we could have improved

I think the greatest technology that has changed the world truly is the ‘wheel’. Without the wheel the world would not have turned out the way is it today, we wouldn’t have cars and any type of transformation.



7 things you need to know when going into high school.

Do not pretend to be someone you’re not.

Be yourself, dress the way you want to, and be your own person. You will attract your ‘real’ friends that way.

Pick your friends wisely.

Be friends with people who you can be yourself around and people you are comfortable with.

Join clubs and extracurricular activities.

Have fun! This is the last 5 years of your life before adulthood.

Stay organized.

Bring 5 binder if you have to. Staying organized is key, it’s a small action that will help you in the long run.

Eat breakfast and lunch.

Keep your stomach and mind at ease. If you’re hungry you won’t be able to think straight, the only thing you’ll be thinking of the whole day is food.

Stay hydrated.

Don’t drink sugary drinks, drink water! Water will help you focus and help you stay awake in class. If you’re noticing that you’re always tired, drink some water it’ll definitely help.

Don’t procrastinate.

It’s tempting. I get it, but a masterpiece can’t be made in a few minutes.






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