The greatest canadian

I chose Terry Fox as the greatest Canadian.

The reason i chose him….

  1. He inspired a lot of people.
  2. He raised a lot of money for cancer.
  3. he started the marathon of hope.

My speech went good….

  1. I had the right volume.
  2. I had good info
  3. I got a 7

Here are some tips

  1. Always make eye contact.
  2. Always have enough info.
  3. Always be loud.
  4. Never freak out.
  5. Last one is to always have a good person to research.

The second greatest Canadian is the Rachel McAdam’s.

  1. Because she created the best movie of all time “Mean girls”, It was a big hit.



Transformative Technology Infomercial

  1. Our movie is called air travel.
  2. i had Justin, Princess, Nero, Eden, and me in our group. Justin, Princess, Eden did the voice over for the infomercial. Nero and I didn’t get to do that so we went to do our projects.
  3. So the setting is at and airport. I think our infomercial was okay becauseĀ  wan’t allowed to do most of the stuff.
  4. I would ask them to let me do more stuff because was not allowed to do it.I would give it a 4 out of a 8.
  5. The printer has changed a lot of stuff because you can print now instead of writing most of the stuff. it prints in color and black and white so you can print out pictures and it is connected to the computer and to the electricity. So it has changed a lot of things in society so this is one thing.

10 things every JH grade 8 student needs to know

  1. Never talk when the teacher is talking… or you will get in trouble.
  2. Never eat in class when teacher does not tell you its OK to.
  3. Always get to the cafeteria early to get food first.
  4. Never take your phone out in MATH or it will get taken away.
  5. Never skip class or you get in trouble.
  6. Never tell anyone your locker combination.
  7. Never help others cheat or don’t cheat your self.
  8. Always get help if you need it, trust me it helps you a lot.
  9. Always pay attention in class because you get A LOT of tests.
  10. Give your work in on time so you don’t get a zero or a late.