The Greatest Canadian

I chose Rachel McAdams as the greatest Canadian

The reason why I chose her was because she expressed her acting throughout her career, she is a really down to earth person, and because she actually inspired other people to try out acting

I think that my speech was decent. The reason why i dont think its GREAT because i didnt make any eye contact because i was nervous. Also i was pretty quiet, but i think that i did well with my paste of talking, i wasnt talking too slow or too fast, and i think my facts were good as well.

My top 4 tips for doing public speeches are;

make eye contact; i think this is an important tip because making eye contact makes you look less nervous. And because it captures the audience more

Dont fidget around; If you were to fidget around when doing a speech its really distracting to the audience, and if youre like fidgeting with paper it would make a noise that is distracting.

Practice; i think this is the most important tip, If you practice your speech it will seem like you now what youre talking about and actually care for what your talking about. If dont practice it will look unprofessional and look really obvious that you didnt practice your speech.

Try to add expression; for an example, if your speech had a question make it sound like youre asking a question instead of saying it in monotone voice.

I think the second greatest Canadian is Terry fox because he WANTED to run around Canada while he knew he had cancer.

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