Transformation Technology Infomercial


The members of our group were Gurjap, Erin, Kai, Issiah, and I.

 Gurjap was the main character; the "host" of the infomercial. I was the extra, and the camerawoman. Erin was the director (along with the rest of us adding ideas), Kai was the prop-giver (we showed his phone), and Issiah didn't do much. But we all did a little bit of everything.
We advertised a SmartFone™. Forget your old flip phone! Buy a SmartFone™ now! I was the person sitting on a bench, sad and frustrated about my useless device. Then Gurjap came in, telling me the wonderfulness of the new and improved SmartFone™. After he was done showing off all the new features, we went off to costumers gushing about how great it was. 

I think our infomercial was okay, because it had most or all the features of a real infomercial. The only thing that we could've done better, perhaps, is editing, because we didn't have much time to finsih doing it properly. 
Next time, we should plan it out better, to have enough time to put in all the things we needed to. Such as editing, sound effects and captions. Also, I think we should give everyone equal parts to contribute with so we can get done faster and with a better product.
But with what we finished with, I'd give it a 5. It wasn't really bad, but it wasn't the best we could've done. It had all of the attributes that we needed but we didn't give it anything extra. 

Other technology that changed society was the internet. First off, the Smart Phone wouldn't even have much of a purpose without it. Society nowadays uses the internet for nearly everything, at school, at home, on the go, at work, etc. Before, if we needed to research anything we had to go to a library and look for a book on the subject. It took a long time. Now, all you have to do is open a tab and type in your question, and Voila, multiple sources instantly appear at your service. It's much faster, and so many of us depend on it a lot for our everyday life...that if it were to suddenly disappear, we'd be lost.